Within the framework of cooperation between the Agricultural Research corporation and the University of Tottori, a high-level delegation from the university visited the Agricultural Research corporation (ARC) at noon today. A mini-meeting was held in the office of the Director General of the Commission under the chairmanship of Dr. AbuBakr Ibrahim Mohammed Hussein, Amani Idris and a number of researchers in the wheat research program. The visit comes within the framework of the work plan for an innovative technologies project for climate change for the sustainable production of wheat in dry and heat-stressed agricultural environments in Sudan and sub-Saharan Africa, funded by the Japanese Agency for Science and Technology (JST) and the Japanese International Cooperation Agency (JICA). The project is expected to be implemented in a number of agricultural environments in Sudan, including: Northern State – Nile River State, Al Jazeera, and possibly New Halva and White Nile if additional resources are available. The expected objectives of the project are to accelerate the improvement of wheat to adapt to climate change through the application of advanced technologies, as well as to develop and control varieties of thermal stress, develop and implement seed production plans, and develop sustainable and environmentally friendly wheat production technologies through integrated agricultural research and innovation systems