Prof.Abdelmoneim Taha Ahmed
Prof.Abdelmoneim Taha Ahmed

Director General


Agricultural Research Corporation (ARC) – Sudan


The vision of the ARC is to become a centre of excellence in agricultural research by developing skilled manpower and conducting quality research. The generation of technologies to ensure sustainable crop production and the active role in technology transfer are among pivotal roles of ARC.

The mission of the ARC is to plan, develop and implement research designed to produce technologies and systems that are required to ensure high and sustainable crop productivity and food security.

The main goals are to contribute to the achievement of food security, alleviation of poverty, generation of incomes, promotion of agricultural export and conservation of natural resources

Meeting with envoys

During his recent visit to China, the Director-General of the Agricultural Research Corporation met with the ARC's envoys at the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences in Beijing. The meeting dealt with a number of topics of interest to the ARC and the...

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ARC Scientific Publications

The Agricultural Research Corporation has recently issued a number of scientific publications, books and recommendations of the National Crop Husbandry Committee...

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Genetic resource samples collection

A mission was organized during 4-8 Nov. 2018 to collect samples of the genetic resources of natural range plants within Gezira state in Sudan. This activity was conducted by the APGRC in collaboration with the Administration of Natural Resources (Department of Range...

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Agricultural research in the Sudan started in 1902 to explore the possibility of producing cotton under irrigation. It expanded rapidly to encompass research activities in different crops and various ecological zones in the country. In 1967, the agricultural Research, which was a Division within the Ministry of  Agriculture, became the semi-autonomous,  Agricultural  Research Corporation (ARC), affiliated to the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry. In 2001, the ARC,  became part of the newly formed Ministry of Science and Technology, which was established by a Presidential Decree in 2001, by amalgamating several research institutions that existed within several Government Ministries. In 2010, ARC returned to the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry.

Prof. Kamal El-Siddig

Deputy General Director , agricultural research corporation

The ARC has a wide network of linkages with many bilateral and multilateral development agencies and regional and international research institutions, important among which are given as follows:

  • Regional agricultural research associations e.g. ASARECA, AARINENA and FARA.
  • Intergovernmental organizations e.g. FAO, AOAD and IAEA, IGAD, GEF, UNEP, UNDP.
  • Financing institutions such as World Bank, IDAD, EU, IDRC, Islamic Development Bank, USAID.
  • Organization for Technical cooperation: JICA, SIDA, GTZ, DFID, Bilateral relations with foreign universities and agro-industrial firms.

For furthering the partnership with international research centers, the Sudan has decided to join the CGIAR fund in 2014 by signing two-year agreement and contributing 1.0$ million to the CGIAR s multi-donor trust fund in 2015-2014. As a donor to the CGIAR fund, Sudan will benefit from world’s largest Agricultural Research Partnership in the fields of development and dissemination of improved crop varieties, sustainable agro-forestry and integrated crop-livestock systems.

Prof. Imad-eldin Ahmed Ali Babiker

Director Research and International Cooperation, agricultural research corporation

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