Reported by: Bab-allah Alhag

Under the slogan: Application of agricultural technologies to increase production and productivity
On Tuesday, 23/10/2018, Gadaref Research Station organized a field day with its various experiments sites to find out the results of experiments and demonstration fields.
The day attended by Deputy General Director of the Agricultural Research Corporation and the Government of Gadaref State, represented by the Minister of Agriculture, the Sudanese Chinese Center, the Agricultural Bank, relevant organizations and companies, as well as farmers.
The event includes reviewing the problems and solutions through discussion and exchange of information from all the attendees in the form and image of interventions after reviewing the experiments that include all kinds of crops, insect research, different technologies, demonstration fields for maize and millet yield, and the results of the watercourse experiments, which are concerned with the conservation of water harvesting.
Through the discussion, farmers stressed the importance of applying these technologies and adopting them, pointing to the necessity of localizing of these technologies .