Sudan Journal of Agricultural Research Vol. 26(2016)

Performance of some dry pea (Pisum sativum L.) genotypes in different regions of the Sudan

Abdellatif Mohamed Alamin, Adil O. S. AbdelRahim, Abdelwahid. A. H. Khairy, Amal M. Adam1, Ghada H. Abdelrahman, Nawal A.Abedelrahman, Salaheldin H. Abdelrahman, Mahadi A. Ahmed and Ibrahim H. Babikir (PP.1-16). Abstract

Yield and water productivity of faba bean (Vicia faba L.) as influenced by different irrigation regimes and varieties under semi desert climatic conditions

Maie K. Alla Jabow, Omer H. Ibrahim and Hussein S. Adam. (PP. 17-26). Abstract

Effects of fertigation frequency on growth and yield of banana (Musa AAA) cv. Albeily under drip irrigation system

Ahmed B. A. Khalifa, Mohamed A. Ali, Mohamed A. Adaln and I. V. Sijali (PP.27-38). Abstractt

Performance of some polyembryonic mango rootstocks under nursery conditions

Fatima Abd El-Rauof A and Dawoud H. D. (PP. 39-48). Abstract

Effect of nitrogen source on yield and fruit quality of Barhi date palm cultivar grown on heavy alkaline saline soil

Fatima Abd El-Rauof A and Dawoud H. D. (PP. 49-60). Abstract

Effects of maturity stage, packaging and waxing on quality and shelf life of lime (Citrus aurantifolia L.) fruits

Sarra K. Mohammed, Adil O.S. Abdel Rahim (PP. 61-78). Abstract

Seasonal abundance of major fruit flies (Tephritidae: Diptera) in Khartoum, Kassala and South Kordofan States, Sudan

Mohammed E. E. Mahmoud, Mohamed A. O. Kambal, Sumaia M. A. Abukashawa, Samira A. Mohamed and Sunday Ekesi(PP.79-90). Abstract

Efficacy of foliar application of potassium chloride salt in controlling powdery mildew (Sphaerotheca fuliginea) in snake cucumber (Cucumis sativus)

Suad A. Gamiel and N.A. Ahmed(PP.91-98). Abstract

Comparative biology of eleven Trichogramma spp. on eggs of african bollworm

Sara Kehail, Olaf Zimmermann and Hayder Abdelgader (PP.99-112). Abstract

Comparative evaluation of long-furrow and ridged Angaya irrigation systems for wheat production in the Gezira scheme, Sudan

Moawia A. Mustafa and Sheikh El Din. A. EL- Awad (PP.113-126). Abstract



A note on variations of mean annual wind speed over Sudan and South Sudan with latitudes, longitudes and altitudes

Habiballa A. Mohamed (PP 127-132).

A note on characterization of Vertisols in semi arid climate, in Rahad area, Eastern Sudan

Bushra Mohamed Meheissi (PP. 133-138)

A note on overview of wheat soil studies on high terrace soils, Northern Region of Sudan

Elfatih Elaagib AwadElkarim (PP. 139-150)

A note on land evaluation systems

Kamal Alfadil Fadul (PP. 151-156)

A note on identification, incidence and damage of sorghum head bug on sorghum in the Blue Nile State, Sudan

Eisa Y. Adam, Ali E. Ali , Eshraga O. Musa and M arwa A. Ibrahim (PP. 117-120)